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NIWA terrariums

 self-grow Hydro Herb kits

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NIWA (meaning ‘garden’ in Japanese) was established in 2016, and makes its way from Paris, France. Each terrarium is handcrafted, with delicate care over their poetic choice of plant, moss, soil and rock. With an award-winning background in aquascaping, it is the execution in landscape design and precise glassware that sets the NIWA range apart.

Terrariums are designed to thrive within their self-sufficient ecosystems, presenting nature in its stillest state, calm and beautiful — while requiring very little maintenance.

Hydro Herb

Hydro Herbs are amazing self-grow kits, made by hand and designed with the environment in mind. Every part of the kit is recycled, recyclable or entirely biodegradable, ready to grow herbs without the need for soil.

The hydroponic solution is made in the UK and certified organic in origin, while the kit uses recycled wine bottles, recycled capillary matting and jiffy pellets made of coir (coconut husk).

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